Meet the Team.

So often, we want to improve ourselves, but we don’t know where to start. That’s how we were. It took years of figuring it out the hard way – being bullied, lonely, and baffled as to why some people seem to “have it” and others just don’t. That’s why we started Type A Image.

We’re a platform for men and women to get to the next level in their careers, businesses, relationship, and life. From Style & Grooming to Professional Development, we are here to help all walks feel, look, and be their best. We exist to amplify the best in you. We’re here to distribute the lessons we’ve learned from years of screwing it up – for free. Learn from our mistakes and successes… and join the Type A Tribe.

Mike Trittin


mike trittin headshotThere’s never a straight line to how you arrive at being you. I’m a Pacific Northwest native and Pepperdine University Graduate. I’m passionate about amplifying the best in people and inspiring others to realize their potential in full. I got my start in Los Angeles as a strategist for a communication firm representing celebrities in entertainment.

I returned to Seattle and, after dabbling in Real Estate and running a small marketing consultancy, I went into wealth management. While I enjoyed good success there, I knew I truly missed branding and media more than ever.

My goal is to empower people to put their best foot forward and be their very best selves inside and out.

I’m also a college basketball referee, and husband to a world-traveling wife much cooler than me.

Facebook: MikeTrittin | Instagram: @MikeTrittin

Twitter: @MikeATrittin | LinkedIn: MikeTrittin

Whitney (McIntyre) Wilkins


headshot (2)I hail from the corporate world with 7 years experience in Corporate Recruiting in Technology and a National Fashion Retail Brand, but I actually got my start in Broadcast and Production. My specialty ranges from early in career to senior professionals, guiding coaching, and mapping out career paths. The best way to figure out what your next steps is, is to figure out where you ultimately want to be and path backwards. That way when you’re prepared it’s easier to be confident.

I’ve lived a life by trial and error. While determining your own personal style, you have to make mistakes. I’ve had my fair share of ill-fitting clothing, “drowned rat”-type make-up and bad perms (and the pictures to prove it ☹). I’ve spent years obsessing over why my hair and make-up doesn’t look like what I want it to or what I saw as my inspiration. We are all different and have to adjust our style and look to what we have to work with. And if that’s not good enough I have some tricks make changes ;).

Personally, I love to travel, am a self-proclaimed tv and movie critic (aka I yell at my TV), gin and scotch connoisseur, am married and have a beautiful son who happens to be a 100 lb Labrador Retriever.

Type A Advisory Team

The Type A Advisory team is comprised of highly successful corporate executives, business owners, and top sales producers. Spanning industries from real estate to investments and beyond, the Type A Advisors are the kind of coaches who leave you with a fire in your gut to go out and be better. They are experts in leadership, team-building, and business development. While their individual resumes are beyond impressive (much more so than ours), we don’t have the space to fit them here.

If you want more out of all facets of your professional development, a Type A Advisor will take you to the next level… if you’re willing to go there.